Tumhe badalneh ki koyi zaroorat nahi hai

every time there new post in ipkknd tag and i all like



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"I don’t believe I have achieved stardom yet. Of course, I’ve become a known face. But my life hasn’t changed in a drastic way. I love meeting people and listening to what they have to say. Sometimes people advice you as well, which is interesting as you’re working for the audience. It’s always nice to know what they want."

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'akhir behen hoon tumhari, khoon ka rishta hain humara.'

After all, we’re sisters. We share a blood relation.

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New pictures of Katy for #CoverGirl 

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Hai devi maiya those expressions <3

favourite scenes - Holi Gulaal (13/03/12)

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Arnav Singh Raizada + Sexy White Shirt
Yes the whole protective swagger was just BLISS!

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The Touch of Vermillion (Gulaal) ♥

This scene is imprinted in my soul <3 This is holi <3

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